Artura Team

A design is not only seen from the final result, but should also be coupled with the design process; are the words to live by Hera when creating a design. Hera’s sense of design comes from her experiences in handling various design projects, private and commercial. She is fond of playing with contemporary furniture and color when creating a design.
Aside from coordination skill and sense of humor, she always wins the client’s confidence in freely introducing her own characteristic style.

Herawati Permanasari

During a design process, Seruni is fond of experimenting and developing shapes and colors. Observation and ability to describe problems and solutions are also an important part in the process according to her. On her free time, Seruni likes to make flower arrangement as accordance to her fondness toward color. She also believes that nature is the finest inspiration in composing a design.

Safa Seruni

Harry Purwanto

Harry has an immense fascination toward Indonesian local wisdom, especially to traditional patterns and motifs. He is very keen in exploring the application of traditional patterns and motifs into contemporary interior design. It goes a long with his design style, a mixture of traditional, contemporary, and eclectic.
Harry believes that a concept is very essential in a design creation. Each design work has to be able to tell a story to add its design value and to communicate to the users. In the end, he aspires that design will be able to make him a human who lives to humanize others.

Dian Utami

For Dian, a solid team is necessary in accomplishing a design project. Comprehending the technology and ability to communicate and to tailor into a certain situation are also necessary. She is fond of contemporary design and is delighted to explore and exercise her work on it. Travelling is her hobby, where she can refresh herself, understanding other cultures and customs, and gets inspiration wherever for her work.

Diana Nazir

As an interior designer, Diana Nazir has won numerous design awards throughout her journey. She works as a design coordinator in several international companies before establishing and becoming one of the founders of Artura Insanindo in 1992. Being a talented designer, she plays most roles in design cocept which made her always a few steps ahead in design.

She is a combination of designer idealism and business professionalism. She often involved in governmental creative and design projects, such as, Biennale Desain & Kriya Indonesia 2013 and Reka Baru Desain in 2013 & 2014.

Diana and her design works have been covered in several Indonesian leading magazines. She has also achieved awards for her design work, among others are, Chinese Style IAI Award 2009 Asia Pacific International Design Award for Elite, 2010 Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Award, 2010 HDII Awards for Commercial Category, iDEA Rumah Award 2014 for Most Inspiring Architect & Designer Category.

Diana’s passion in the creative industry is also spreading the movie industry where she became a produce of ‘9 Summers 10 Autumns” movie in 2013. Following this, she also invited to be a jury on Indonesian Film Festival 2014.

Laode Norman Alamsjah 

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Astri Yuliani

Nothing can make you feel inferior without your consent, is the mantra that Astri lives by everyday. Astri is confident yet humble and has a high commitment toward her work. She likes to browse through the Internet to enrich her knowledge on design is very fluent with AutoCAD software. Astri joined Artura since January 2017.

Andika Frestian

Andika believes that a great design should have a combination of eyegasm sensation and the experience of the space itself. Depart from that, during a design process he puts more attention on abstract concept development, visual orientation, 3D visualizing, and concentration on details. 
To Andika, observing and keeping up with the progress nowadays is also important in improving his skill and design style.

Artura Design

Artura was first established in 1992. A design firm specializing in a wide range of expertise in the conception and creation of commercial and residential interior- architecture work. We offer a full range of service from initial design conception, design development, through construction coordination with each client to determine individual requirements and creating a space with an identity.


Over years, Artura always emphasizes on exceptional detail and consistently strive toward excellence. We are committed to engage with the richness of Indonesia (material, craftsmanship, culture) and apply it into contemporary design. We constantly experiment with art and incorporate it with design.


Our attention to detail, years of experience that brings the maturity of aesthetic and technical problem solving, and audacity to experiment and develop each project to client’s needs is what sets Artura apart from other design firms.